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Kyle Mitchell I go in-house to in-house doing analytical, seo and paid search stuff in an effort to make a living.

07 June 2013 ~ Comments Off

Optimising Google Product Listing ads the hacker way.

Find out more about your Product Listing Ads  Work in progress post. There are loads of great posts detailing how to set up and optimise PLA’s. I will try and ad some links to them in here at some point. have a search and you’ll be sure to find a mountain. So far I haven’t […]

05 June 2013 ~ Comments Off

My Google Analytics Custom Reports

Somewhere to keep the custom reports I use on a regular basis for just about every site. Really simple good information. I’ll keep this update as I play around with things.   Organic Keyword Traffic Conversions Basic.   Location Language Conversion Interesting to know if you plan on putting effort into international SEO […]

04 June 2013 ~ Comments Off

3 Steps to empower problem solving

I’m not suggesting we all take the Tom Sawyer approach to solving problems. I’m just suggesting we get more people involved with the process. Here I want to look at ways of both discovering and solving the problems we have in customer facing Ecommerce.   Get people involved, empower ownership, reward everything. Hopefully with the […]